Sunday, November 14, 2010

No Music Monday..Things to do.


I want to appoligize that I won't be able to post the Music Monday.
I will be at my BIL house to help clean. I will stay over night and do it in the
morning. My niece is picking me up though. Sorry, I didn't post sooner. If you
got your blog entry up for it. Just save it for next week.

Like I said "SORRY". :(

I also got a dr appt in the afternoon. I am changing dr too. My previous dr moved
out of town. SHort notice too. Such a jerk! I just change to see her 3 yrs ago. Now she moved
out of state., She is my neurologist. If she knew she moving why didn't she send me noticifications months ago. Not a month before your next appt and beeing cacelled. Ugh!
I hope this one will work well. Wish me luck.

Take care..


  1. Good luck sweetie & I understand busy!

  2. That is okay about not having a certain blog today. We all have other things to do. That is why I am just now answering my comments.

  3. Oh my- I hope you find a dr that you like- that's ok on the party- I wasn't ready either!
    Hugs- Tete