Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Friday Film Festiville

Thank you for joining in. I did forgot and the week did went fast.

This week i picked GREASE. One of my all time favorite movies all throught my teens until now. I don't get sick of tired of watching this movie.

Sorry. That the linky is not up and I haven't found one that is free.. I did post that if you are playing and I did not get any feed back. SO, I just post it anyway,

Have a great weekend.

If you like to play along, do so. Just add your link page and leave in comments so everybody can see. Thank you


Monday, March 28, 2011

I'll be back for First Friday's Film.. Stay tune....

I will be back this week for First Friday's Film.. I so miss this in here. I don't have a linky and I will do the old fashion way. SO If you're playing let me know.. I want to post this first thing early so I can get your name in here like Beverly did in Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sounds. I refuse to pay for internet linky items. NOOOOOOOOOO way I m not going there. So bare with me. I will post this late Thurs afternoon so you can get in. Thank you for you cooperations and consideration. Take care and I will post, see you Friday.. Photobucket