Sunday, November 28, 2010

Music Monday #4 Shawn Cassidy

To Music Monday....

Today I chose Shawn Cassidy. I had a huge crush on him since the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew were on tv. This first picture, I did had the album. I was around 12-13 years of age. I used to rollerskate in the basement with the music on. He and Leif Garrett. Those disco songs really brings back memories going to the skating rinks or arcades. Me and my friends will play their music all day if we can..LOL
I tell you that I really didn't like disco that much. I am more a country and easy listening kind of gal.

I had this album and I will sing that album/songtitle for hours.. I drove everybody crazy..

He was a hunk

My sister like Parker better..

Parker Stevenson and Shawn Cassidy from the "Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Misteries."

I wish they would do those reruns. I could watch it in caption. We didn't have captions on tv those days.

Thank for playing along..


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  1. My niece had a huge crucsh on him and still does! Her number one fav is Rick Springfield!