Sunday, October 2, 2011

I am back first film Friday.,

October is Breast Cancer Month.. Spread the words.

I am writing to let you know that First Friday Festival is here this Friday,.

Please join in on the fun. You can use any kind of movies of your choice.
I do not have linky anymore and if you are participating, please leave comments

and I will use my own link to put you here, or you can leave comment and your

URL page with your comments. Please put my button so others can follow.

Thank you.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

I will be playing in Oct. See you here.

I will be playing again back at My Entertainment Corner. I have been very busy due to a lovely summer.. So, please join and grab my button and post it to your blog.
Thank you and hopefully to see you here.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Friday Film Festiville

Thank you for joining in. I did forgot and the week did went fast.

This week i picked GREASE. One of my all time favorite movies all throught my teens until now. I don't get sick of tired of watching this movie.

Sorry. That the linky is not up and I haven't found one that is free.. I did post that if you are playing and I did not get any feed back. SO, I just post it anyway,

Have a great weekend.

If you like to play along, do so. Just add your link page and leave in comments so everybody can see. Thank you


Monday, March 28, 2011

I'll be back for First Friday's Film.. Stay tune....

I will be back this week for First Friday's Film.. I so miss this in here. I don't have a linky and I will do the old fashion way. SO If you're playing let me know.. I want to post this first thing early so I can get your name in here like Beverly did in Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sounds. I refuse to pay for internet linky items. NOOOOOOOOOO way I m not going there. So bare with me. I will post this late Thurs afternoon so you can get in. Thank you for you cooperations and consideration. Take care and I will post, see you Friday.. Photobucket

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is anybody playing?

If anybody going to play along?

I got an anonymous message saying that I need to fix IE7 and what does that mean?
I don't have any problem with this. I also want to know can you see any problems?

OKay, back to the challeng. I wrote in my last entry about the linky tools not available anymore. I will go back to the old way like Pink Saturday post used to be. I like to know your email address and I will probably have to do the email thing. So let me know you are going to play along. UGh! I am going to miss it and I am not paying paypal and donations to a site that want $$$$$$$$$.
I will do the Third Thursday Tv. I will keep you posted..
Thank you for coming by and enjoying the fun of this game. Now be sure to let me know you are still interested. I will delete emails off the comment soon I get back on the next day.
BOY I hope I make myself clear on this.

Thank you again for stopping by.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mr linky tools...

This is a message I got........... for Mr linky,.

Linky Tools has grown to over 16,000 users and I can no longer continue to pay all the expenses out of my own pocket to keep it free as I have done for a couple of years. Ads and donations are not working. I have to go to a subscription service.
To keep your account from being DEACTIVATED on February 7th, please go here and read this notice. THIS IS A GENERAL INFORMATION NOTICE... IF YOU HAVE PAID, YOU'RE GOOD TO GO.
If you have just signed up, you have a 30 day trial period and this Feb 7th date does not apply to you.

So tell me its not free..
Thank you.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Will be posting Friday Films Festival Next Month

I was doing the Music Monday and found out that the linky tool is not there. SO if you are playing Music MOnday Just leave your blogpage brower in the comments.

I will have to find another linky that is free. I hate to pay and do the paypal stuffs. I don't like
ordering stuffs online anyway.

So just leave a message and I will try to find something. I may have to do the old way.
Thank you for stopping by and I will get my gear back soon.

Take care

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I am back.... Music Monday #7 for the New Year...

Yes, I am back! So long to my friends. I had been playing on FB for some time to time.

This week Music Monday is our new legend singer Garth Brooks. At first I thought that he is another country singer like anybody else. Acually I didn't like his music at first until the next release of his album. I was wrong, so wrong. He is another King of country instead of Rock and Roll. He just sing a different varieties and mix with his counry music. I think he still sing. No doubt about he will be back and he did once with album cover on the top and left.

So. come and join in on the fun..

I still get over that he ended up with Trisha Yearwood over his high school sweethear Sandy and have three daughters with Sandy. I knew right away that he will ended up with Trisha.

Yes, I did saw him in concer here in Buffalo, NY and we got the tickets for the last night he was here, he had 6 shows in a row. It was cheap too. $20. I went with my bf and her hubby and At that time I believe it was their 4th.

I love this Christmas CD of GB. I got it from a Dr that I worked for in our dept. It was my Kris Kringle gift and my first Christmas CD or album other than I got of my family.
Thank you for playing along. Sorry I am a little late. Be sure to grab my button.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Friday Film Festival #5

Welcome back..
Thank for coming and play along with my at my
First Friday Film Festival... You got all week to post your movie
up. Leave a message to get your friends to play
along at My Entertainment Corner.
Get your button and post it on your blog.
This week I chose Pretty Woman:
Richard Gere: Edward Lewis
Julia Roberts: Vivian Ward

Room Service calling.

Edward rent a diamond necklace that cost quarter million dollars.
Going to a Opera. Vivian(Julia Roberts doesn't know it yet)
Edward: "It's a surprise".

VIvian: " Just in case I forget to tell you later that I really have a nice time".

Edward: " Thank you very much".

This is one of the best movie I saw in the early 90's. As a matter of fact. I just watched it again on TV last night. I must saw that movie over 5o times.. LOL.

Thank you for playing along. Be sure to invite your friends. I would appreciate it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A reminder for First Friday Film Festival.. Please Join!

Welcome back!

I hope everybody had a nice New Year.

I sure did. It was a quiet one..

Please join me on the fun at FIRST FRIDAY FILM FESTIVAL..On Jan 7th,

Be sure to write ahead and ivite your friends to join and don't forget to grab my button and address.
I am looking forward to Friday.

See you here