Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is anybody playing?

If anybody going to play along?

I got an anonymous message saying that I need to fix IE7 and what does that mean?
I don't have any problem with this. I also want to know can you see any problems?

OKay, back to the challeng. I wrote in my last entry about the linky tools not available anymore. I will go back to the old way like Pink Saturday post used to be. I like to know your email address and I will probably have to do the email thing. So let me know you are going to play along. UGh! I am going to miss it and I am not paying paypal and donations to a site that want $$$$$$$$$.
I will do the Third Thursday Tv. I will keep you posted..
Thank you for coming by and enjoying the fun of this game. Now be sure to let me know you are still interested. I will delete emails off the comment soon I get back on the next day.
BOY I hope I make myself clear on this.

Thank you again for stopping by.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mr linky tools...

This is a message I got........... for Mr linky,.

Linky Tools has grown to over 16,000 users and I can no longer continue to pay all the expenses out of my own pocket to keep it free as I have done for a couple of years. Ads and donations are not working. I have to go to a subscription service.
To keep your account from being DEACTIVATED on February 7th, please go here and read this notice. THIS IS A GENERAL INFORMATION NOTICE... IF YOU HAVE PAID, YOU'RE GOOD TO GO.
If you have just signed up, you have a 30 day trial period and this Feb 7th date does not apply to you.

So tell me its not free..
Thank you.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Will be posting Friday Films Festival Next Month

I was doing the Music Monday and found out that the linky tool is not there. SO if you are playing Music MOnday Just leave your blogpage brower in the comments.

I will have to find another linky that is free. I hate to pay and do the paypal stuffs. I don't like
ordering stuffs online anyway.

So just leave a message and I will try to find something. I may have to do the old way.
Thank you for stopping by and I will get my gear back soon.

Take care