Saturday, January 29, 2011

I am back.... Music Monday #7 for the New Year...

Yes, I am back! So long to my friends. I had been playing on FB for some time to time.

This week Music Monday is our new legend singer Garth Brooks. At first I thought that he is another country singer like anybody else. Acually I didn't like his music at first until the next release of his album. I was wrong, so wrong. He is another King of country instead of Rock and Roll. He just sing a different varieties and mix with his counry music. I think he still sing. No doubt about he will be back and he did once with album cover on the top and left.

So. come and join in on the fun..

I still get over that he ended up with Trisha Yearwood over his high school sweethear Sandy and have three daughters with Sandy. I knew right away that he will ended up with Trisha.

Yes, I did saw him in concer here in Buffalo, NY and we got the tickets for the last night he was here, he had 6 shows in a row. It was cheap too. $20. I went with my bf and her hubby and At that time I believe it was their 4th.

I love this Christmas CD of GB. I got it from a Dr that I worked for in our dept. It was my Kris Kringle gift and my first Christmas CD or album other than I got of my family.
Thank you for playing along. Sorry I am a little late. Be sure to grab my button.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Friday Film Festival #5

Welcome back..
Thank for coming and play along with my at my
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This week I chose Pretty Woman:
Richard Gere: Edward Lewis
Julia Roberts: Vivian Ward

Room Service calling.

Edward rent a diamond necklace that cost quarter million dollars.
Going to a Opera. Vivian(Julia Roberts doesn't know it yet)
Edward: "It's a surprise".

VIvian: " Just in case I forget to tell you later that I really have a nice time".

Edward: " Thank you very much".

This is one of the best movie I saw in the early 90's. As a matter of fact. I just watched it again on TV last night. I must saw that movie over 5o times.. LOL.

Thank you for playing along. Be sure to invite your friends. I would appreciate it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A reminder for First Friday Film Festival.. Please Join!

Welcome back!

I hope everybody had a nice New Year.

I sure did. It was a quiet one..

Please join me on the fun at FIRST FRIDAY FILM FESTIVAL..On Jan 7th,

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I am looking forward to Friday.

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