Sunday, November 21, 2010

Music Monday #3

To Music Monday.. Today I chose Juice Newton. Soon the "QUEEN of HEARTS" song hit the radio, I fell in love with the song. This first photo, I had the 45 album that my sister brought home for me. I didn't knew the name because I didn't pick it up when the DJ announce Juice's name. I I started Listening to Juice Newton ever since. My sister Donna and Pat took me to see her back in "83. She was runner up for Alabama. She did a great show as well as Alabama did.
I had been listening to Juice Newton's music ever since.

Here is a question..
What song did Juice and co-songwriter wrote for "The Carpenters?"
I will give answer later this week.

You may heard of songs such as.."The Sweetest Thing (I've ever known is loving you)"
"Angel of the Morning": Which once sang by Merilee Rush. OF Course the title on album.

You may heard Of "Love's Been a little Bit Hard on me", "In the Heart of the Night",and "Break it to me Gently", Sang by Brenda Lee.
The list will go on..

Thank you for playing along...:)

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