Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is anybody playing?

If anybody going to play along?

I got an anonymous message saying that I need to fix IE7 and what does that mean?
I don't have any problem with this. I also want to know can you see any problems?

OKay, back to the challeng. I wrote in my last entry about the linky tools not available anymore. I will go back to the old way like Pink Saturday post used to be. I like to know your email address and I will probably have to do the email thing. So let me know you are going to play along. UGh! I am going to miss it and I am not paying paypal and donations to a site that want $$$$$$$$$.
I will do the Third Thursday Tv. I will keep you posted..
Thank you for coming by and enjoying the fun of this game. Now be sure to let me know you are still interested. I will delete emails off the comment soon I get back on the next day.
BOY I hope I make myself clear on this.

Thank you again for stopping by.


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  1. I'm not sure what the problem would be either but don't worry about it. They can always change which browser they use.